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wipro share price target for 2023, 2024, 2025, to 2040

wipro share price target
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Friends, if you invest in the share market then you must have heard about Wipro shares and many people ask you to invest in Wipro shares because shares can give very good returns in the future, In this article, you will get information about Wipro’s share price target.

Wipro is the third largest IT company in India, the headquarter of this company is located in Bangalore, this company is listed in the stock market and many people are thinking of buying shares of this company in 2023,

Two types of people invest in the stock market, one for a long time, the other people invest in the stock market for a short time, friends, if you are planning to buy Wipro Shares then you must know about Wipro share price target,

Wipro share price targetToday in this article we are going to provide you with complete information about Wipro’s stock price target and we will tell you this information based on technical data of the company,

Wipro Company Overview

The Wipro company was established on 30 December 1945 and Wipro company was listed on the stock market on 1 January 1999, then the share price of this company was Rs 13, and in December 2021 to April 2022 the Wipro share price is around Rs 600 to 710.50.
Experts believe that Wipro stock can give good returns to its shareholders in the coming time.
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company is also working in areas other than the IT sector and the company also has many subsidiaries, in the coming time, we can see a jump in the share price of Wipro Company.

Wipro stock price forecast for two months

two months of stock analysis forecast data by our experts
2023 Wipro share price target

Date Wipro 2023 share price target


Wipro 2023 share price target


Wipro 2023 share price target


April 2023 352.50 INR. 357.75 INR. 367.70 INR.
May 2023 370.52 INR. 375.60 INR. 384.60 INR.
Average target price between

April 2023 to May 2023

361.75 INR. 366.32 INR. 398.20 INR.

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Wipro Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 Table

Years-wise Wipro stock price, you can get analysis data from our experts,

Target Years Wipro share price
2023 (Target-1) Rs.402
2023 (Target-2) Rs.415
2024 (Target-1) Rs.450
2024 (Target-2) Rs.520
2025 (Target-1) Rs.910
2025 (Target-2) Rs.1150
2030 (Target-1) Rs.1950
2030 (Target-2) Rs.1800
2040 (Target-1) Rs.3970
2040 (Target-2) Rs.4100

Wipro share price target 2023

Some stock market experts have told that the first Wipro share price target in 2023 will be Rs. 402.70 and the second share price target of Wipro will be Rs. 415.10 in 2023,
Due to the presence of Wipro company in the IT sector, its business may increase in the future, the company has also acquired many other companies in India, due to which the company’s business will run well till 2023,

Wipro share price target 2025

It is also focusing more on investing in new technology for the future, based on which it can be said that in 2025 the share price target of Wipro will be Rs 910.35, and other Wipro share price targets in 2025 will be up to Rs 1150.69.
The business management of Wipro company is very strong, which will benefit the company a lot in the coming times.

In the year 2020, the company acquired six companies, in the coming time the company can also acquire other companies and it can be considered the biggest acquisition in history,
Like Wipro company is acquiring other companies, in the coming time the company can earn more money by investing more than other sectors,

If the income of the company increases, then its shareholder can get very good returns, for the future, the company has further strengthened its business,
Note- Friends, based on the company’s investment and company’s technology, it can be said that in 2025 this share price target can also go up.

Wipro share price target 2030

In the coming time, the company may invest abroad and may acquire other companies, based on we can say that the share price target of Wipro in 2030 will be Rs 1720.89 and another Wipro share target in 2030 will be Rs 1800.42.

The investment process of Wipro company is very tremendous, the company is first acquiring other companies, and after that, they are taking their business forward from the company,

If the company invests abroad, then there will be more growth in the business of the company, the direct benefit of which will go to the shareholder of the company, because the shareholder is also the base shareholder of that company.
The company also has a tremendous customer support and the company has given good service to its customers, due to which the company has seen quarterly profit in 2021-2022,

Wipro share price target 2040

Friends, if we talk about the figures for the last few years, then the company has given good returns to its shareholders and the company is also benefiting.
According to some experts, the Wipro share target in 2040 will be Rs. 3970.70 and the second target price of Wipro will be Rs.4100.60 in 2040,

The company’s data is showing that the business of the company is going well and the share price of the company can also increase at any time.
Friends, let us tell you one thing that many times the price of a share increases very fast in the market, then the price of some shares falls very fast, but this kind of process has not been seen in Wipro’s share price till now,

Is Wipro’s share price good for the future?

Friends, if you are thinking of buying Wipro shares for the future, then based on the technical data of the company, let us tell you that in the coming time, the company’s share price may see a further increase,

The company has acquired many other companies and merged them into its company so that we can see an increase in the earnings of the company,
If you have bought shares of Wipro company, then you can hold it for a long time, the more you hold the shares of this company, the more profit you can get in the future.


Friends, this article explains Wipro’s share price target as per experts and Wipro stock analysis, if you want to get similar information then you can visit our website pages, where you will get all the information about Make Money Online, Share Price Target, etc.
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