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USD to PKR forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

usd to pkr forecast
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This usd to pkr forecast article is for the investors looking to invest in the Forex market and Pakistanis living abroad,

Based on the dollar to pkr forecast, you can take profit from the Pakistan market, here we will tell you usd to pkr prediction price of next week according to which investors can buy, hold and sell currency in Forex market

usd to pkr forecast

usd to pkr forecast

With this dollar to pkr prediction, Pakistani brothers living outside Pakistan can get good returns by transferring their US Dollar and other currency to the Pakistani Rupee at the right time,

If we talk about the USD to PKR Price History then this USD to pkr currency was around 31.42 rupees in 1995 and the USD to PKR price in 2002 was around 48 rupees,

After that, the price of USDPKR went up to 40 rupees in 2007 and 55 PKR in 2013 and after that, it saw a steady increase,

The rate of dollar to PKR reached around 165.70 in the corona pandemic of 2020, followed by some decline in May 2021 and the price of PKR was 154.10,

Due to Russia and Ukraine war, there is big economic volatility in the world, due to which you can also see usd to pkr price 294.80 PKR in 2023,

According to experts associated with the foreign exchange market, the Russia-Ukraine war may have a greater impact on Pakistan, due to this war, oil prices may increase, which can lead to economic volatility,

If we talk about usd to pkr prediction 2023, then due to political ups and downs in Pakistan, the government is not able to take big decisions and due to this, the currency of Pakistan is becoming weaker against the dollar.

US Dollar to Pakistan Rupee forecast for the next 10 days

We update this data daily and weekly based on analysts’ analysis, we are not responsible for any errors in this i USD to pkr figures, and delays in publication,

1 USD to PKR 29 march 2023 to 07 April 2023

  • Minimum low price prediction – 274.60 PKR.

  • Average price prediction – 279.72 PKR.

  • Maximum High price prediction – 286.10 PKR.

The data provided here is for informational purposes only, if the USD to pkr open market forecast data provided here poses a financial risk to you, you will be solely responsible for the same,

You should invest according to your financial advisor, for more details read our website disclaimer,

usd pkr forecast 2023

The economic condition of developed countries is strong as compared to developing countries, due to which we get to see so much fluctuation in the currency of developing countries like Pakistan, on this basis usdpkr price prediction in 2023 may be around PKR 240.20 to PKR 320.60,

dollar to pkr prediction 2024

If we look at the Pakistan Rupee prices from the previous US Dollar, the dollar is continuously increasing in value and Pakistan’s PKR currency is not able to compete with the USD, according to which we will see this fluctuation in 2024 as well and the USD to pkr projection around 329.80 PKR to 342.10 PKR,

usd to pkr prediction 2025

Most of the investors in the forex market invest in the currency of developed countries like the US, which gives high returns to the investors, the people of Pakistan invest in USD, etc. currency, due to which they see USD to PKR value from time to time, according to experts USD to pkr forecast 2025 will be around 367.75 to 389.30 PKR, Currency fluctuations happen due to many reasons, the currency of all countries is mostly compared to US dollar, if the economic condition of the country is strong then it also strengthens the currency of that country,

USD to PKR forecast 2030

According to our forex experts if you invest in the currency then you should invest for the long term, based on the analysis of USD PKR first usd to pkr prediction 2030 is around 780.45 PKR, and the second usd to pkr price target of 829.20 PKR to be around,

Should I Invest in USD to pkr forex in 2023?

If you see the price of PKR from USD for the last 10 years then you will know how the price of PKR has increased,

If the price of usd to pkr moves like this, then as per our given usd to pkr projection, you can get good returns,

What could be the usdpkr price prediction in 2030?

According to the analysis of our analysts, the forecast value from USD to PKR in 2030 will be 780.45 to 829.20 PKR,


This USD to PKR forecast 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030 article has been written keeping in mind the investors who want to invest in Forex, based on the analysis,

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