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Tata Power Share price Target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 and 2030

tata power share price target
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The Tata power share is going to give you good returns in the coming time, today we will tell you through technical analysis how far the tata power share price target will go,

If you want to see the share target of the company, then it is very important to know the technical analysis of that company, financial condition of the company, current and past price of the share, etc.

tata power share price target

tata power share price target

Here you will also get to see the tata power target price for two weeks, according to which you can invest,

Tata power share price forecast

This gives us an idea of how the company will perform in the future, In this article, we are going to tell about Tata Power’s share target based on all the points,

all this information is based on technical analysis of the company, experts, chart analysis, and website related to the stock market, etc.

Two weeks tata power stock target price as per our stocks experts,

Tata power share price prediction is updated daily, weekly as per our expert’s advice, subscribe to our website and get new updates and changes in stock price forecast,

2022 Tata power share price target today

Date Tata Power 2022 share price target


Share price target


 Share price target


22 August 2022 to 31st August 2022 232.90 INR. 235.60 INR. 237.90 INR.
01 September 2022 to 05 September 2022 232.75 INR. 234.60 INR. 238.70 INR.
Average target price between

22 August 2022 to 05 September 2022

230.10 INR. 232.50 INR. 242.65 INR.

consult your financial advisor before investing in the stock market and visit our disclaimer page.

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Tata power share price target 2022

Experts believe that the first tata power target price of 2022 can be around Rs 330 and the second target of tata power share price can go up to Rs 390,

Because tata group is a very big name in which many tata companies come,

The name of the company is always in the discussion and the biggest jump is seen in its stock, on the basis of which the target of Tata Power share has been given,

You can see the technical data above in which Tata Power share is a bullish stock that is maintaining its position in the market,

Tata Power has installed 932 MW wind power generation capacity plants in many states of the country,

This is the state where wind power plants are installed in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh,

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Along with wind power plants, solar power plants are also built by Tata Power, The company is working on Renewables Business, in which to give electricity to India from sunlight and wind, etc.,

Tata power share price target 2023

If the Tata stock is held for a long time, then it can give good returns in the future,

According to stock experts, the target of Tata Power Share is estimated to be Rs 420 in 2023, and the second target price of Rs 480.

Above is the information of Tata Power’s financial year 2020-2021 as per stock exchange, so that you can easily know in which direction the company is headed and how much revenue, net profit, etc. is the company’s.

Tata power share price target 2024

Based on the company’s bullish stock, experts believe that in 2024, the first tata power share is likely to be Rs 550 and the second target is Rs 650.

Tata Power has many subsidiaries, its offices in many states of India, the company wants to reach solar power and wind power in every corner of India,

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The company is working under Go Green which has a target of 80% clean energy by 2030.

Tata power share price target 2025

Under Smart Mobility Solutions, the company has installed 600+ chargers of Tata Power EZ Charge in 100+ cities, according to which experts believe that the company will get its benefits after a long time,

According to experts, tata power share will give good returns in the long term, According to the company’s technical and business model,

the first target in 2025 can be around Rs 700 and the second price can be around Rs 790.,

Tata power share price target 2030

Keeping in mind the next generation smart home solutions, the company is working under EZ Home,

In this, making Fan, AC, Light, Converters, Switches, Curtains, Geyser, Controllers, etc. Google Assistant and Alexa friendly,

The coming next generation will be dependent on digital and electrical, so the company is working according to the future needs,

Tata Power which works with such forward-thinking, to what extent the shares of that company can go, you can guess,

According to the Next Generation Plan and Tata Power’s bullish share, experts believe that in 2030 the first target price could go closer to Rs 1200 and the second target could be Rs 1400.

Is tata power share good for the future?

If the company is seen according to the business model, then the company is working according to the future and next generation, it will also benefit the company in the coming years.

Tata Power Company is planning to install smart meters in all the states of the country, so that daily, monthly and weekly consumption can be tracked by mobile SMS and by visiting the nearest Tata Power portal,

Smart meters have been installed by the company in Mumbai and Delhi, so its share price will see good growth in the future.

This share is a bullish share and belongs to Tata group, so it can give you good returns in the future, you can also make good returns by taking shares for a short period of time, Tata power share price today

According to experts, the stock taken for a long time will give you more returns, invest in it according to your financial advisor,

Final word:

This Tata Power share price target article is based on the company’s business model, technical analysis, and experts analysis.

You may invest by fixing its target price at your sole discretion, is not responsible for any profit or loss,

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