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Suzlon share price target 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030

Suzlon share price target
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This article contains information about Suzlon’s share price target as per the business model of Suzlon Energy Company, stock chart analysis, and by share market experts,

If you take Suzlon stock then after how much time you are likely to get good returns in it, we will tell you according to the technical analysis of the company,

By analyzing the data provided by us, you can decide whether to invest in it or not. Before taking stock of any company, there should be information about that company,

Suzlon share price target

Suzlon share price target

Here you will get to see the Suzlon long term target as well as the Target Price for the next two weeks, which according to stock experts,

Suzlon energy company overview

It is a very old Indian multinational wind turbine manufacturer established in 1995 and headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India,

Suzlon Energy has a Revenue of INR 4,187.33 Crore (US$560 Million) and Net Assets of INR 6,601.09 Crore (US$880 Million) as of 2021,

The company’s CEO is Ashwani Kumar from October 2020 till date and the founder is Tulsi Tanti, the company was previously ranked by MAKE as the fifth largest wind turbine supplier in the world.

Suzlon has many subsidiaries, at present, the financial condition of the company is going bad in 2022,

As per the consolidated income statement disclosed by the company, the Net Profit After Tax in Q3 2021 was approximately INR -113 Crore,

The company has strengthened its management and has reduced its expenses, according to Suzlon company the net profit after tax will be Rs-13 crore by Q2 of 2022,

Suzlon’s share price may see an increase if the company manages to reach its declared quarter 2 net profit after tax of Rs-13 crore in 2022,

Suzlon share price target 2022

Based on the expert analysis and the company’s estimated 2022 Quarter 2 Net Profit After Tax, Suzlon energy share price target for 2022 will be around INR 10 to INR 15,

According to Suzlon’s consolidated income statement, the net profit after tax in Q3 of 2022 will be Rs 37 crore from Rs -13 crore in Q2 of 2022,
If the company strengthens its financial position as stated, its shares may once again go up in the future as per our Suzlon target price of 2022,

Suzlon share price today

You will also get to see the given figures on the official website of the company, this data is unaudited and has been released by the company to the investors,

future of Suzlon share price

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Consult your financial advisor before investing in the stock market and visit our disclaimer page.

Suzlon share price prediction 2023
Analyzing the company’s old stock chart and business, Suzlon’s share price target for 2023 can be seen as around Rs 30 to Rs 60.

Suzlon Energy is an Indian multinational company and comes as India’s No. 1 OEM company in the renewable sector,

it has several subsidiaries, the help of which and with the help of banks, it is engaged in strengthening its financial position,

If you are thinking of making money in the stock market with less investment, then by investing money in Suzlon Energy, you can get good returns according to Suzlon’s long-term target,

Suzlon share price target 2024

The company has a 33% cumulative market share in India and more than 1800 customers globally, according to which Suzlon energy share price target in 2024 will be Rs 120 to Rs 180,

According to Suzlon Company’s Q3 FY 2022 Consolidated Financial Metrics, the Q2 FY 2022 unaudited revenue will be Rs 1,347 crore and Q3 FY 2022 unaudited revenue will be Rs 1,597 crore,

If there is an increase in revenue as stated by the company, then you can get to see the Suzlon energy share target as told by our analysts,

Suzlon share price target 2025

The company is India’s No. 1 company in the renewable sector and the demand for renewable energy will be high in the future, based on which Suzlon energy share price target 2025 may be around Rs 220 to Rs 290,

Suzlon India Company has installed 11,000 MW of wind power for over 1700 customers in India at 40 sites in eight states of India,

Thus the company’s business is according to the future requirement, the demand of which will be more in the coming time, the Government of India also wants to increase renewable energy further,

Suzlon share price target 2030

Due to the company’s engagement with renewable energy, its first Suzlon energy target price in 2030 will be Rs 650, and the second Suzlon share price future target will be Rs 750,

Suzlon energy ltd is a renewable energy company spread over 17 countries, due to which the demand for products and services made by it will increase in the future in all countries of the world,

The company has 14 manufacturing units and 8 R&D facilities and it has all the products related to wind-power projects including Wind Turbine generators (WTG), blades, Nacelle, Tower, etc.

Suzlon Limited’s products include S128 being the largest wind turbine installed in India, besides S111, S120 also its wind turbine products,

Should I take Suzlon energy Ltd’s share in 2022?

According to our stock experts, you can take its shares in 2022 because this stock can give you good returns for a long time, investing for a short period can put you at financial risk,

Experts are of the view that the investment should be done as per the data of Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 of 2022 and based on the analysis of the company.

Is there a risk in Suzlon’s energy share?

Investing in the stock market is a big risk if you do not analyze stocks properly,

According to experts, if you see more risk in the stock of Suzlon Energy Limited, then you should invest after analyzing the company’s 2022 Quarter 1, and Quarter 2 financial position.

Suzlon shares that future target article is for informational purposes only, the figures given here are all approximate and have no relation to the actual stock price,

This website and its associated experts are not responsible if our Suzlon share prediction or Suzlon share target price puts you at financial risk, you should invest according to your financial advisor,

Final word

We have written this Suzlon share price target article based on the company’s business model, Suzlon Energy stock chart, and analysis by some experts,
To know more about Suzlon Energy Limited visit the official website, this article is information only,

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