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Sell on Etsy
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Etsy is a type of eCommerce website like Amazon, eBay, etc, this is a website in which buyers can buy vintage, digital downloadable, printable, home products, etc. and the seller can sell on etsy and earn money online.

In this article you will learn about how to make money on Etsy, how to sell digital downloads on Etsy, how to sell on etsy, how to start an Etsy business, Etsy fees, questions, and answers related to Etsy seller account, etc.,

sell on etsy

sell on etsy

what is Etsy and how to use

Etsy is a platform where you will get to buy and sell many types of products like amazon, for you have to create an account on Etsy,

If you want to become a seller then Etsy seller account and if you want to buy something then you can buy the product by creating a buyer account,

In the US and UK, Etsy is more used to buy and sell products, this is a .com .uk website, due to which you can buy and sell the product in other countries also on Etsy store,

how to make money on Etsy

for this, you will get to know some information about what is Etsy here, to earn money from Etsy you have to create a seller account on it,

After becoming a seller on Etsy, you can take products from the market at wholesale price, sell your own handmade items, old vintage products, etc. on Etsy and earn good money,

In this way, you can earn money on Etsy by selling some printable digital products too.

how to sell digital downloads things to sell on etsy.

things to sell on etsy, you can sell your created digital work on Etsy, such as CV, resume, cover, template, format, digital photo, art, educational printable paper, office use digital items, pdf documents, etc.

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For this, you have to make the digital products in high resolution on your computer, laptop, etc and the digital products should not be copyrighted from anywhere, that you can easily sell your created product on Etsy,

You can make many types of digital wallpaper, art, frame, etc. to decorate the house and office, etc. and sell on etsy,

Every person wants to see the good look of his house and office, then he/she keeps searching for such decoration products on the internet’s e-commerce website,

you can earn money by making some different digital products and selling them on Etsy,

In a way what is Etsy?  It is an e-commerce platform where you can buy or sell digital products in a printable and readable form, how much charge, tax, etc.

will you have to pay for selling digital products on Etsy, and how much charge is deducted on the product, you should know,

how to sell on etsy

If you want to sell your physical product on Etsy, then you can easily sell here, so how to sell on etsy?  For this, you have to register on an Etsy seller account,

Before becoming a seller, you should have complete information related to Etsy’s fee and product selling, like how much will be charged on the product, tax, shipping charge, etc?

You need to enter the selling price of the product in the seller panel of Etsy by adding profit to your product by adding Etsy charges, charges, shipping, etc. to the purchase price of your product. 

In Etsy, you also have to see the price of your product which matches your own product, that is, the competitor’s price of your product,

you have to fix the price of your product keeping the competitor in mind.

If you supply a good quality product, you will keep getting orders,

you will get fewer orders in the initial time, then orders will continue to be placed according to your product quality, packing, delivery, etc.

With Etsy you can sell your product all over the world if you have out-of-country delivery information, then in this way, you can sell your product sitting at home,

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how to start an Etsy business

How you can start an Etsy business, you must first decide what you want to sell on etsy, such as physical goods, digital downloadable products, etc.

You should be aware that what tax registration should be done to start an online business in your country, you can consult a tax consultant or accountant about this,

If you get online orders on Etsy from your country as well as from other countries, then tax registration is necessary for this,

You can do business from home on Etsy, for this you do not need to open an office, first, you decide the product what to sell and what is the lowest price, you can deliver that product to the buyer as compared to other sellers Huh.

sell your products at a high price but you have to sell good quality products only then you can attract buyer, in the beginning, you will get fewer orders after that orders will keep coming,

you need to keep your product packing and inventory up to date, It is easiest to create and sell digital products from your computer and laptop sitting at home,

as you don’t need to do inventory and packing, etc. 

You just have to upload your digital downloadable file in soft digital files like zip, pdf, JPEG, etc., you have to keep in mind that copyright digital products are not to sell, you can earn money for a lifetime by creating digital art, photos, wallpapers, CVs, resumes, cards, templates, covers, etc.

Etsy fees

Any digital and physical product you want to sell, you have to list (upload) it as a seller in the Etsy sellers panel.

Three ways Etsy charges fees that you need to know

Listing fee 

This is the fee charged for uploading your digital and physical product listings to the Etsy store, the Etsy listing fee is US$0.20,

Transaction fee, Paypal fee

This is the  Etsy fee charged for sending money from the  Etsy website seller account to the  Etsy seller’s own bank account and to any wallet, which is the usual 5%,

In the Etsy shop, it will be good for you if the buyer pays you directly in the bank because when paying with PayPal, PayPal may charge additional fees depending on your country or as per PayPal policy.

15% Offsite Ads Fee

The offsite advertising fee is charged to increase the sales of your product by advertising your product in a way,

This offsite advertising fee is one in which Seller’s product is advertised by the Etsy Store with its affiliated websites outside of Etsy, through subscriptions and through other means by targeting a buyer related to the product provided by the Etsy team, there is a 15% offsite advertising fee on Etsy,


  • Etsy continues to waive Etsy charges to its sellers as per Etsy product sales, for more details visit the Etsy website,
  • Buyer should not download any digital, printable product in Etsy app of mobile,
  • Digital products must be downloaded from the Etsy website only, don’t use the Etsy app to download digital products.
  • A good etsy seller should instruct his buyer to download the digital products from etsy website and desktop instead of etsy app along with his product details,
  • If you’re a new seller on Etsy, wait a few months to sell the product, delete your listing if the sale hasn’t been going on for a long time, and close the account, as there are listing fees on the Etsy website.
  • If there is no sale on Etsy, you can change your product and try to list another product,
Question and answer related to etsy seller account

is etsy free

etsy is free for buyer, It is not free for sellers, etsy seller has to pay Listing fee, Transaction fee, Paypal fee, Offsite Ads Fee.

how does etsy pay you?

etsy pays its sellers mostly by Paypal, also it pays by the direct bank and other ways according to etsy seller’s country, you can by etsy login or you can use official etsy to know etsy payment process in your country, You can see by going to the seller account,

what is etsy seo

When Etsy sellers list their product on Etsy, the title, description, keywords, etc. of that product must be kept Etsy SEO friendly, so that the seller’s product can be searched by the buyer on the first page of the Etsy store and website, 

this is very important for a salesperson, Doing Etsy SEO leads to more product sales.

last word

This article has been written for the purpose of giving some general information about selling your product on Etsy, giving information related to Etsy sellers, how to earn money, sell on etsy, etc. 

You can write your thoughts in the comments, if you liked the article then like and follow the blog.

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