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Rivian stock price prediction 2022, 2023, 2025, to 2040

Rivian stock price prediction
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If you want to know how much return Rivian Automotive Inc stock will give you in the future, read this Rivian Stock Price Prediction article,

This Rivian stock forecast article is as on the company’s technical analysis, analysts’ rating, historical stock price, investments, financial overview, etc.

Rivian Automotive, Inc. company overview

It is an American EV automaker that works on automotive technology and was founded in 2009 by Robert ‘RJ’ Scaringe.

Rivian stock price prediction

Rivian stock price prediction

The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has manufacturing units in several cities such as British Columbia, and Michigan, with approximately 2021 employees,

Rivian company manufactures on-road and off-road electric SUVs (sports utility vehicles), pickup trucks, etc., There are many features of the truck of this company, due to which the name of this company remains in the headlines,

As of March 2022, the company’s market cap is around $40.94 Billion, volume 12.8M, P.E ratio -11.20, stock price near $48.70, and this company comes in class A trading,

Rivian stock price prediction 2022

According to smart technical analysis, historical price and analysts, etc. Rivian stock forecast price in 2022 will be around $34.20 and Second Rivian stock 2022 price will be around $39.60,

If you look at the previous 2021 Rivian historical stock price, the company sold 153 million stocks from the IPO on November 10, 2021, for $78.00,

Rivian Automotive Inc. stock traded with the RIVN symbol $100.73 to $106.70 on the first day on Nasdaq on November 10, 2021, followed by Rivian stock price on November 16, 2021, at a maximum of $170.00,

Historical chart of rivian

Historical chart of Rivian

From December 2021 onwards, the RIVN share price began to decline steadily, and in March 2022, the RIVN stock price reached approximately $45.60,

Due to the fall in Rivian Automotive Inc.’s share price, one of the questions in the mind of investors is whether to sell or hold NASDAQ: RIVN stocks.

New investors are also thinking that the Rivian share price is continuously falling, so buy Rivian stock or not?

Here we will tell you the buying, holding, and selling of Rivian shares as per stock market analysts,

Analysts recommendation

Analysts recommendation

According to over 20 analysts, you should buy Rivian stock in 2022 and avoid selling Rivian stock right now for the best returns.

Rivian Automotive launched IPO to grow its business, the company is using this capital to grow its business and strengthen its financial position,

You must be aware that Rivian company has partnered with Amazon and this company plans to set up an exclusive charging network in USA and Canada by 2023.

Rivian company started deliveries of its R1S SUV model in December 2021, for which the company had around 71000 pre-orders,

To know how much return you will get on long-term investment in Rivian shares in the future, check out our Rivian share price prediction,

Rivian stock 2023

If the company succeeds in setting up exclusive charging networks in the US and Canada by 2023 as planned, it will increase the company’s revenue, based on which Rivian stock forecast 2023 could range between $45.70 to $69.40,

Rivian share price target 2024

According to the company’s business analysis, the Rivian stock price target in 2024 will be around US$82.80 to US$97.30.

Rivian stock price prediction 2025

The company has partnered with Amazon in 2021, which will benefit the company in the long run, according to the technical analysis done by experts, the first Rivian stock price forecast in 2025 will be around $120.20 and the second Rivian stock 2025 price will be around $132.80, Rivian Automotive provides a range of services to its customers, thereby increasing its new customers, thus increasing the revenue of the company by adding new customers,

The company allows you to visit Rivian Hub with family where you can learn about vehicles, charging, local adventures, and more.

In this way, the company is continuously adding to its customers and Rivian Inc.’s vehicles are being used more for adventure, which is increasing the sales of the company’s vehicles,

Rivian Stock 2030

Most of the vehicles of this company are used for local adventures, in the coming time the company is making many plans for the adventure people, which will increase the company’s revenue and based on the first Rivian stock price prediction in 2030 is approximately $389.25 and 2nd Rivian stock forecast 2030 may be around $430.70,

The new generation and families mostly prefer to visit local adventure places, forests and mountains are mostly traveled on foot but Rivian company vehicles are both on-road and off-road, especially for adventure places,

If the company brings any new model in its sports vehicle, truck, etc. by 2025-2030 and its market demand increases, then the company’s share price may see an increase,

Should I Buy Rivian Stock in 2022?

As per the company’s financial key metrics, historical stock price, related news, your financial advisor’s advice, etc., you can invest in 2022, Based on the Rivian Company’s Quarter report analysis, you can decide whether to take Rivian stock in 2022 or not?

Should I invest in Rivian stocks for the short term?

If you will analyze its past stock price, you will see that it is continuously declining, if you want to invest in the short term, then invest for at least 3 years to 5 years, Rivian stock predictions given here are estimated based on stock experts analysis, company financial reviews, historical stock price, and technical analysis, we are not affiliated with any stock exchange,

We are not responsible if you have financial risk due to our Rivian Stock Forecast, you should invest at your discretion and according to your financial advisor, this article is informational only, read our website disclaimer to know more,

Rivian Share Price Target 2022 to 2025 table

  • Rivian stock forecast 2022 (Target-1) 34.20 USD.

  • Rivian stock 2022 (Target-2) 39.60 USD.

  • Rivian stock price prediction 2023 (Target-1) 45.70 USD.

  • Rivian stock forecast 2023 (Target-2) 69.40 USD.

  • Rivian stock price prediction 2024 (Target-1) 82.80 USD.

  • Rivian stock forecast 2024 (Target-2) 97.30 USD.

  • Rivian stock 2025 (Target-1) 120.20 USD.

  • Rivian stock forecast 2025 (Target-2) 132.80 USD.

Rivian share price prediction 2026 to 2040

  • 2026 (target-1) 140 USD.

  • 2026 (target-2) 169 USD.

  • 2027 (Target-1) 177 USD.

  • 2027 (Target-2) 195 USD.

  • 2028 (Target-1) 220 USD.

  • 2028 (Target-2) 270 USD.

  • 2029 (Target-1) 310 USD.

  • 2029 (Target-2) 372 USD.

  • 2030 (Target-1) 389 USD.

  • 2030 (Target-2) 430 USD.

  • 2031 (Target-1) 460 USD.

  • 2031(Target-2) 482 USD.

  • 2032 (Target-1) 495 USD.

  • 2032 (Target-2) 520 USD.

  • 2033(Target-1) 540 USD.

  • 2033 (Target-2) 565 USD.

  • 2034 (Target-1) 579 USD.

  • 2034 (Target-2) 598 USD.

  • 2035 (Target-1) 630 USD.

  • 2035 (Target-2) 671 USD.

  • 2036 (Target-1) 684 USD.
  • 2036 (Target-2) 690 USD.

  • 2037 (Target-1) 720 USD.

  • 2037 (Target-2) 745 USD.

  • 2038 (Target-1) 762 USD.

  • 2038 (Target-2) 787 USD.

  • 2039 (Target-1) 799 USD.

  • 2039 (Target-2) 830 USD.

  • 2040 (Target-1) 850 USD.

  • 2040 (Target-2) 887 USD.

Final word

This Rivian stock price prediction article has been updated from time to time as per technical analysis, related stock news, investments, expert advice, etc.

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