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200 + Mechanical interview Questions for Engineers

mechanical interview questions
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Before giving an interview to an engineer, complete preparation should be done, there are many such questions in mechanical engineering that we are unaware of, here we have tried to give some mechanical interview questions,
These Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions are for all Mechanical Supervisor, QA QC Mechanical Engineer, Diploma Mechanical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer Fresher etc.
With these basic mechanical engineering interview questions, you can easily crack the L&T ECC interview questions for mechanical interviews and any manufacturing, production etc companies,

mechanical interview questions

mechanical interview questions

Interview questions for mechanical engineer

These questions have been prepared according to the fabrication companies related to piping, pressure vessels, boilers, heat exchanger, tanks, etc., which will make it easier for the mechanical engineer to give interviews in other companies,

  1. What is WEP?
  2. What is full form of PTC, WPQ, PQR and WPS?
  3. Why PWHT carried out in job?
  4. What is difference between insert gas and shielding gas?
  5. Which type of power source used in TIG welding?
  6. What is colour of TIG filler wire?
  7. Give me name of parts used in heat exchanger?
  8. Do you know about heat exchanger?
  9. What is function of heat exchanger?
  10. Which gas is used in plasma cutting?
  11. Which code used for design?
  12. What is Draw gap & root face?
  13. What is mean by offset?
  14. Why PTC required in job?
  15. How many testing carried out on PTC?
  16. In LPT, what is penetrant and why use LPT method?
  17. What is full form of UG-99?
  18. Why we use R.F. pad in job?
  19. How you cut 5mm thk S.S. plate?
  20. Which cable used for erthing in welding?
  21. What is Tail-Tail hole and where it is used?
  22. What is function of purging?
  23. What is function of shielding gas in welding?
  24. What is speed of tank rotator for SAW in your shop/previous company?
  25. What is moon plate?
  26. What is lack of fusion & draw its fig?
  27. How to minimize distortion?
  28. Which types of TIG filler wire are used in your shop/previous company?
  29. In CS., TIG welding used or not?
  30. How many crane in your shop?
  31. Which types of material used in your shop?
  32. Who is client of your job?
  33. What is thickness of your job?
  34. Your job in very urgent and you have required more two or three testing what will you do for dispatch the job?
  35. How much preheat temperature In your shop job?
  36. In root-run welding preheat required or not?
  37. Before start welding which types of arrangement we will de for welding?
  38. How to start welding (sequence for welding)?
  39. After completed welding, what is next process on job?
  40. In SAW welding, which welding processes used for weld first pass in job?
  41. What is formula of circumferences?
  42. Do you have basic knowledge of drawing reading and Symbols of drawing?
  43. What is first angle & third angle in drawing?
  44. What is difference between Annealing and Normalizing?
  45. How many types of heat treatment process?
  46. How to qualified welder?
  47. Explain and draw I.C. diagram?
  48. What is C% of C.S. & S.S.?
  49. What is critical temperature?
  50. What is formula of arc length and chord length?
  51. What is Classification of E 7018 ?
  52. What are the acceptable criteria for UT and RT?
  53. Give type of S.S. & explain S.S. family?
  54. Can you Explain what the Stress-Strain curve is?
  • Break even point
  • Elongation period
Mechanical engineer interview questions

These mechanical interview questions are mostly asked by an engineer when he/she goes for a job interview,

  1. How you evaluate RT film?
  2. Give types of RT’ source in NDT.
  3. What is solution annealing?
  4. What is arc blow?
  5. Explain Preheat, Interpass temp. and PWHT?
  6. Draw and explain the heat treatment cycle?
  7. In SMAW welding procedure a sound but in TIG welding why sound is not procedure?
  8. Give the type of welding process used in your company.
  9. Give types of nozzle?
  10. What is the minimum least count of measure tap?
  11. Calculate shall plate size:
  12. If Shell ID=2000mm, and Thk =50mm.
  13. Different code used for reinforcement?
  14. What is the code of offset?
  15. Why use yoke in MPT?
  16. What is the melting point of C.S.?
  17. In which temperature Stress relieving is carried out in C.S.? OR At which temperature The stress relieving in C.S. is done?
  18. What is bead length?
  19. What is weaving?
  20. What is the effect of weaving in welding?
  21. How do you identify defects in MPT?
  22. How much temperature Required for hot rolling?
  23. How much temperature is required for cold rolling?
  24. What is full form of TTT?
  25. How many Types of D’end and nozzle?
  26. Give types of polarity?
  27. How Calculate V and U groove for WEP?
  28. Which material added in base material to improve hardness and brittleness?
  29. What is the melting point of a tungsten electrode?
  30. What is the range of upper critical and lower critical temperature?
  31. Which gas is used in the GTAW welding process?
  32. Give types of welding defects?
  33. What is the melting point of Al?
  34. What is QCP?
  35. In which stage you have preferred NDT?
  36. Explain tube sheet marking and strip cladding?
  37. What advantage and limitation of computer radiography?
  38. On which topic have you prepared your major report?
  39. What is the difference between Pipe and Tube?
  40. Give types of rolling defects?
  41. Describe fabrication sequences.
  42. Explain pneumatic test?
  43. What is the difference between MIG & pulse MIG?
  44. Why do we not use gas welding in aluminium?
  45. How to measure offset?
  46. What is the circ seam set-up?
  47. What is Ovality?
  48. What is the % of alloying elements in S.S. & C.S.?
  49. How to evaluate RT film?
  50. Explain B.C.C. & F.C.C.?
  51. What is the minimum least count in measurement?
  52. Category of welding joint?
  53. Why reinforcement is required?
  54. Which alloying elements are added in base metal to improve hardness and brittleness?
  55. Why WPS is required?
  56. When we start preheating?
  57. What is Fabrication procedure of your shop.?
  58. Why we can’t use welding gas in aluminium?
  59. Can you Explain carbon equivalent?
  60. How can we identify S.S.?
  61. Explain Specification of SA 516 Gr 70?
  62. At which pressure hydro test is done?
  63. Why we do hydro test?
  64. What is post heating?
  65. When required post heating?
  66. How many Types of welding machine?
  67. What is difference between SA 360 & SA 316?
  68. What is difference between Tensile strength & Yield strength?
  69. What is Pick-in & Pick-out?
  70. Steps to inspect shell after rolling?
  71. What is Procedure for pipe to pipe welding?
  72. How to make WPS?
  73. Which type of joint is used in 40 mm thk Plate?
  74. Which filler wire used in welding of LAS?
  75. What is UTS?
  76. What is joint efficiency?
  77. Raw material identification?
  78. What is Inspection procedure for D’end?
  79. What is figure for std. Specimen for tensile test?
  80. What is Mechanical properties?
  81. Grade of elbow, fastener, and pipes?
  82. Inspection before PWHT.?
  83. Which testing methods are using in shop?
  84. Job planning sequence?
  85. Which welding process are uses for SS-304?
  86. What is the time duration of soaking temp. In PWHT?
  87. Which filler wire used in TIG?
  88. How many pre heating temp. For 95 mm thk.?
  89. Which process used in root run?
  90. Which process used in sub layer?
  91. What is the difference between tensile strength & yield strength?
  92. Why dohydro test?
  93. Why we use Tungsten electrode in TIG?
  94. How to identify Materials?
  95. Which types of gauges used in inspection?
  96. Why we can’t use gas in ALUMINIUM welding?
  97. What is QCP & QAP?
  98. How many testing carried out on PTC?
  99. Why we use RF PAD in job?
  100. How much speed in tank rotator?
  101. What is lack of fusion & draw figure?
  102. How to minimize distortion?

Given Questions Explain in interview
You may be asked to explain these common mechanical engineering interview questions, so you can prepare accordingly and give an interview.

  1. Types of forging material
  2. Types of flange.
  3. Types of materials.
  4. Types of coating & paints.
  5. Draw development of cone.
  6. Explain FCAW process.
  7. Types of consumable.
  8. Methods of paintings.
  9. Welder acceptance standard.
  10. Explain sensitivity.
  11. Explain 2T-4T penetrameter for RT.
  12. Types of low alloy steel.
  13. Chemical composition & uses of SA-387, GR-11, CLASS-2.
  14. Inspection of welding & set up.
  15. Acceptance criteria for Reinforcement.
  16. Explain RT.
  17. Orientation marking.
  18. Information about weld plan.
  19. Weld joint categories.
  20. Tube to tube sheet joint/welding.
  21. Different between SAW & TIG.
  22. Explain heat exchanger.
  23. Mechanical testing.
  24. Format of RT report.
  25. Explain U-groove.
  26. Welding sequences. (A-Z),
  27. Shell inspection after rolling.
  28. Essential, non- Essential, supplementary variables.
  29. Calculation of pre heat.
  30. Location of clamp on D’end.
  31. Stress reliving temperature on drawing.
  32. Difference between DC rectifier & Transformer.
  33. Sketch of SAW welding M/C.
  34. Upper & lower critical temperature.
  35. Difference between annealing & solution annealing.
  36. Difference between SMAW & TIG.
  37. Chemical composition of SA-516, GR-70.
  38. Difference between pipe & tube.
  39. Use of gas in welding process.
  40. Different between MIG & PULSE MIG.
Mechanical supervisor interview questions

If you are a mechanical supervisor then you should prepare according to the mechanical interview questions mentioned here, so that you can get the job easily,
These mechanical engineering job interview questions are asked in most of the companies,

  1. What is your main role during your training period?
  2. How you handle critical minded people?
  3. How to take work from the elder worker?
  4. When your boss give you any work and you have not completed that work at the time, your boss became very angry on you & you have suffering from lots pressure, what will you do at that time?
  5. What you learn during your training period?
  6. How to handle workman?
  7. Have you motivate any people?
  8. Can you motivate the people?
  9. Can welding is done by you?
  10. How to handle critical men power?

We will try to answer all mechanical basic interview question given here in future,
By allowing this website notification, you can get our new post update on your mobile, these mechanical engineering basic questions are only for educational information,
Final word
You can tell by commenting that how did you like the mechanical interview questions given by us, if you want more such mechanical engineer interview questions, then tell us by comment.

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