how to make money by blogging easily

how to make money by blogging
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Hello friends, welcome to our blog, today we are going to tell you how you can earn money from blogging,

along with that, you will get to know other ways to earn money sitting at home here, Friends, this article is important for those people who want to know to how to make money by blogging from home.

Friends, in today’s time no one wants to go out earn money or do a job, many problems have to be faced and there are many students who want to do part-time jobs by doing work from home.

how to make money by blogging

how to make money by blogging

how to make money by blogging

Friends, if you want to do work from home or if you want to do the job according to your time and your mind, then blogging will be the best work from home job for you.

how to start blogging

If you want to do start blogging sitting at home, then you must have a mobile phone and internet, You do not have to invest any kind of money in blogging,

Bloggers can write blogs in any language. At the beginning of blogging, you may have to face some problems like keyword research, article SEO, article getting ranked in Google, etc.

1. Website

you must first create a website. After creating a website, you can publish articles on it. You can use the WordPress blogger website or Google blogger website etc.

2. Domain Name and Hosting

If you want to make your website good and bring speed in it, you can prepare your website by buying a domain name and hosting,

You can also do blogging on Blogger for free.

3. Google Search Console

After creating the website, when you write the article in it, before that you have to enter your website in the Google search console or submit it. So that Google can know that your website is also there.

There are many benefits of weblogging like

1. Own Boss

The biggest advantage of blogging is that you do not have to do any work inside anyone and you are your own boss,

If you have a mind, you can write an article, if you do not feel like it, then you cannot write.

You can write a blog according to your hour or according to your time.

2. Work from Home

This is the only work that you can do sitting at home. You can publish on your website by writing articles from your home. For this, no one knows you in the office or cyber cafe.

3. Starting a Business Without Investing

You can also make blogging a business.

You can create a big business of blogging by starting multiple blogs at once. Without investing money, you can log in and make it a business. Today millions of people in the world have done this.

4. You can earn lakhs of rupees sitting at home

Friends, you can earn more than lakhs of rupees in just 1 month sitting at home from blogging, you can earn money in many ways,


1 google ads

2 Affiliate Marketing

3 Guest Posts

4 By selling the website

5 By selling hosting and domain name.

6 by sponsoring

how to make money by blogging with google ads

When your website will get Google Adsense approval then you will start earning money through Ads,

Google ADS is an ad network of Google, Millions of websites go for Google Adsense approval every day, out of which many websites are rejected,

If your website is against Google policy then your request is rejected, If you want to monetize your website with Google Ads, then you have to keep in mind the policy of Google Ads,

affiliate marketing

You can earn a lot of money by doing affiliate marketing of Amazon or Flipkart and other online product companies on your blog site,

For this, you have to provide the affiliate link of your product on your blog sites, If someone clicks on this link, he goes to the website of Flipkart or Amazon and if you want to buy some product from there, then you will get half its commission.

guest post

If your website has a lot of traffic and your domain authority is very good, then you can invite people to guest post on your website and in return, you can charge a lot of money from them.

Hosting and Domain Name Affiliate Marketing

You can earn by doing affiliate marketing of hosting and domain of any company on your website,

You can give a link to your website hosting in the article.

by selling website

You can earn money by selling your website in blogging, If you do not want to work on your website,

then you can sell it to another person and for that, you will get a lot of money because there is a lot of demand for the website in the market if the website is older, its demand is very high.

by sponsoring

You can charge a lot of money by taking sponsorship of any company on your blog,

Like if you took sponsorship of an application,

then you have to meet the target of 1000 downloads and you can charge money from them according to your target.

Today, many people in the world are earning crores of rupees a month by blogging sitting at home,

To get success in blogging, you have to wait for two to three months.

Blogging is the only work in which there is no loss of any kind.

last word

This article is important for all the people, those who want to work-from-home and want to start a business without investing money,

If someone wants to do a part-time job then blog writing is the best platform for blogging.

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