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Lucid stock forecast 2022, 2023 2024, 2025 and 2030

Lucid stock forecast
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In this article, lucid stock forecast is given based on the company’s business, financial overview, and technical analysis,
Lucid Group, Inc. The company manufactures luxury electric vehicles, which are among the most attractive luxury electric vehicles in the world.
An investor must know the lcid stock price prediction before taking a lucid stock, it gives an approximate stock price according to which one can plan the investment,
Lucid Motors Stock and Overview of Lucid Group
The Lucid Motors Group issues press releases to its investors from time to time, sharing company reports, financial results, investments, earnings calls, quarterly reports, etc.

Lucid stock forecast

Lucid stock forecast

A company from time to time provides its investors with all information that an investor may require. You can plan your investments by reading the press release on its lucid motors official website.
NASDAQ: LCID stock opened in September 2020 when the lucid stock price was 9.89 USD. and the lcid stock price as of the end of December 2020 was 10.01,
The share price of Lucid Motors was USD 22.88 on 29 January 2021, after that its share price increased continuously and reached 52.94 USD on 19 February 2021,
As of March 2021, Lucid Group, Inc. stock started to decline and on 14 May 2021 the stock price came down to US$17.94, After that the stock saw a rise with some downside and on November 19, 2021, the share price of Lucid Group reached a high of 55.21 USD,
The stock of this company has been declining continuously since November 2021 and as of 9th May 2022 its price has come down to USD 13.80,
Analyzing the Lucid stock historical data, we will see that the Lucid Company shares are again bouncing after a fall,
Let us tell you that you can see lcid stock forecast 2022 data till the end of the year. Here we have given Lucid Long Term stock forecast data as per Lucid shares, financial keys, experts analysis, etc. and Green Car Reports named the Lucid Air luxury electric car the best car to buy in 2022,
Financial Highlights of lucid motors
The company is strengthening its financial position, due to which its shares are seeing volatility,
Net loss and comprehensive loss (GAAP) was $ 747,952 in 2021, which came down to $ 81,286 in the Three Months Ended March 31 of 2022, (Unaudited).

Lucid Group, Inc. Key Stats updated May 2022
Market cap. (Intraday) $30.3B,
Market cap. Enterprise Value $26.2B,
Revenue 27.11M
Total Cash (Most Recent Quarter)
Volume 40.9M
Total Debt (Most Recent Quarter)
1-month return -24.62%
3-month return -43.24%
1-year return -10.6%
5 years returns +65.30%
Gross Profit (Trailing Twelve Months) Dec 30, 2021 -127.79M

lucid stock forecast 2022

Here we have given lucid stock prediction according to which you can plan your investments, based on the below lcid stock price prediction analysis,
After the fall in 2022, the first lucid forecast price will be $34.60 and the second lucid motors stock prediction price will be $49.75,

Here Lucid forecast stock price for the next two weeks is updated daily and weekly, below are the low and high Lucid share price targets according to which you can plan your investments, Today Lucid stock price.

Date Target 1 forecast price near Target 2 forecast price near
22 August 2022 to 31st August 2022 16.98 USD. 17.45 USD.
01 September 2022 to 05 September 2022 17.85 USD. 18.75 USD.
Average target price between

22 August 2022 to 05 September 2022

16.57 USD. 19.30 USD.

The figures given here are approximate, which has nothing to do with the actual data, It is only Lucid stock price forecast data made by experts, before investing must read our website’s disclaimer,

2022 stock price forecast of Lucid motors
May 2022 Min price – $14.20
Average price – $16.70
Max price – $20.50
June 2022 Min price – $15.60
Average price – $18.20
Max price – $24.30
July 2022 Min price – $17.50
Average price – $19.20
Max price – $21.65
August 2022 Min price – $25.80
Average price – $26.30
Max price – $29.75
September 2022 Min price – $24.20
Average price – $27.65
Max price – $30.45
October 2022 Min price – 26.25
Average price – 29.70
Max price – 32.80
November 2022 Min price – 29.49
Average price – 32.68
Max price – 36.78
December 2022 Min price – 38.85
Average price – 42.30
Max price – 48.70

lucid stock forecast 2023
Min price 57.80
Average price 65.45
Max price 72.20
lucid stock forecast 2024
Min price 74.65
Average price 79.30
Max price 82.50

lucid stock forecast 2025

According to long terms investment, analysts gave lcid stock price prediction of 2025 around $87.48 and second lucid motors stock forecast 2025 price will be $98.75,
If you see any other website and analysis of analysts, they have given a more lucid stock price forecast in 2025, which is not possible,
Looking at Lucid Inc., business, stock price movement, after a big jump in it, the stock price starts falling,
Right now this company is new in the market and would like to take its business forward, in 2022 this company built a new manufacturing plant, due to which the company’s financial condition has weakened and the stock has declined,
After 2025, there will be less volatility in its stock if it increases the sales of its luxury electric vehicles,

lucid motors stock forecast 2030

In 2030, the first lucid share price target will be $ 230.55 and the second lcid stock prediction price will be $257.68,
Should I buy Lucid Motors shares in 2022?
According to the analysis of experts, there has been a significant decline in the lucid stock in May 2022, this stock has been seen down like this before but after that, it has also seen an increase,

Lcid stock forecast 2022

Lcid stock forecast 2022

If we look at the rating, and analysis of our analysts, they are recommending to buy and holding this stock in 2022,
Those who have taken these shares should not sell them, lucid stocks can give you good returns in the future, lcid stock price today.
What will be the lcid stock price prediction for 2025?
Based on all the analysis, lcid stock price will be around $87.48 to $98.75 in 2025,
Final word
This lucid stock forecast article is for information of investors only, you will be solely responsible for any financial risk, read our disclaimer.

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