Introduction to computer

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Introduction to computer, the computer is a word that is related to defining a special machine, A computer is an electronic data processing device that takes and stores data, processes it, and provides output in a specified format.

introduction to computer

introduction to computer

introduction to computer basics

The following is a summary of the advantages of computers in today’s world.

1. Extremely Fast

  • A computer is a lightning-fast gadget.

  • It is capable of calculating a vast quantity of information.

  • The computer uses microseconds, nanoseconds, and even picoseconds to measure speed.

2. Accuracy

Computers are extremely precise in addition to being extremely quick.

There are no errors in the computations.

Computers can complete any task with 100% accuracy if the proper input is provided.

3. Ability to save data

  • The ability of a computer to store data is critical.

  • Humans have significantly less storage capacity than computers.

  • It can keep a huge volume of data.

  • pc may hold a variety of data types, including photos, videos, text, audio, and more.

4. diligence

  • personal computer, unlike humans, is immune to boredom, fatigue, and lack of focus.

  • It is capable of working indefinitely without mistake or boredom.

  • the computer is capable of repeating tasks at the same speed and precision.

5. Flexibility

  • A computer is a machine that can do a lot of different things.

  • the computer is extremely adaptable when it comes to completing tasks.

  • It may be working on a difficult scientific topic one minute and then playing a card game the next.

6. Dependability

  • A computer is a dependable piece of equipment.

  • Electronic components today have a lengthy lifespan.

  • Computers are made to be simple to maintain.

7. Automated systems

  • A computer is a machine that runs on its own.

  • The capacity to do a task automatically is referred to as automation.

  • Once a program is supplied to a computer and stored in its memory, the program and its instructions can govern how the program is executed without the need for human intervention.

8. Paperwork Reduction

  • In an organization, the use of computers for data processing results in a decrease in paperwork and a speeding up of a process.

  • The difficulty of maintaining a large number of paper files is lessened since data in electronic files may be retrieved as and when needed.

9. Lowering the cost

  • The initial cost of setting up a computer is considerable, reducing the cost of each transaction significantly.

Drawbacks of Computers

The following list illustrates the drawbacks of computers in today’s world.

There are no I.Q.

  • a personal computer is a machine that is incapable of doing any work due to its lack of intellect.

  • Each command must be provided to the computer.

  • the data processor is incapable of making decisions on its own.

2. Indebtedness

  • It works according to a user’s instructions, therefore it is completely reliant on humans.

3. The natural world

  • The computer’s operating environment should be dust-free and appropriate.

4. There Is No Feeling

  • Computers have no emotions or sentiments.

  • It, unlike a person, cannot make decisions based on feelings, tastes, experiences, or information.

full form of computer

The computer is a ‘Common Operating Machine Purposely’ utilized for technological and academic study.

intro to computers

Introduction to computer and parts

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1. CPU

It is the brain of the computer, and it is where whole data crunching and processing takes place. A CPU used to have “just one single brain,” or what we now refer to as a “single-core CPU.”

2) Monitor

I don’t believe this requires any explanation, given that you are now reading one, The text, pictures, and videos are all presented on monitors.

3) Electricity SUPPLY UNIT (PSU):

This is the component that transforms power from a wall outlet to the voltage required by the computer.

4. Motherboard

This is a must-see, The computer’s heart and largest circuit board, because all of the components and devices are connected to the motherboard, is appropriately referred to as the motherboard.

5. Hard Disk Drive

The operating system, programs, your photographs, music, papers, and other data are all permanently saved on the hard disc.

6. Memory with Random Access (RAM)

For newcomers, the RAM is arguably one of the more perplexing components.

It’s also utilized to store data, albeit only momentarily,

Because RAM reads and writes data much quicker than hard drives, the CPU will do rapid computations using RAM rather than hard discs.

7. Card of Graphics

A graphics card, like a CPU, does processing and computations, but it is focused on visuals.

It handles all aspects of graphics for gaming, video, and photo editing.

8. Mouse

Mouse buttons are used to combine with various on-screen elements, They are guiding the tools we use to move the pointer on the screen.

These days, a typical mouse will usually include at least three buttons (left, center, and right) as well as a scroll wheel.

There are certain mouse designs that have a lot more buttons and are more geared toward gaming.

9. Keyboard

What you use to input words, numbers, and symbols onto your computer. The layout of keyboards may change slightly depending on where you are in the globe.

The QWERTY keyboard is the most popular worldwide layout, however, there are other QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboards.

Why don’t people develop a keyboard that goes from A to Z in alphabetical order?

Due to several scientific and design aspects – the keys on the keyboard are placed based on how often the letters are used, resulting in different layouts in different areas.


Data processor is an electronic machine which is now an essential part of the society, in many homes and computers from school to government offices are doing essential work,

the computer is being used in a wide range, a computer has many parts in now world computer is well developed and becomes faster and convenient to use, the computer has many parts in now world computer is well developed and becomes faster and convenient to use

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