Budget 2022 Impact on the share market

Budget 2022
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On 1 February 2022, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman presented Budget 2022, in which many announcements were made, know what will be the effect of this budget on the stock market,
This budget has been presented in the country during the Corona period, all sections of the society have high hopes from this budget, the government has announced its budget which affects every section,

Budget 2022

Budget 2022

In this article, what will be the impact of the India 2022 budget on the stock market in the future, which stock you should take in the future, you will know at the end of this article, you can read the main announcements of the budget here

Union Budget 2022

According to the Union Finance Minister, 400 Vande Bharat trains will run and 100 cargo terminals will be built in the next 3 years,
The Finance Minister said that 60 lakh new jobs will increase in the coming time and in the next 5 years there will be an additional generation of 30 lakh crores.
According to Nirmala Sitharaman, a farming corridor will be built for the farmers living on the banks of the Ganges, which will help the farmers financially.
In the announcement of the Union Finance Minister, it has been said that enterprise, e-shram, NCS, and Aseem portals will be interlinked,
According to this budget announcement, 44605 crores will be spent on the Ken Betwa link project, which will provide drinking water to 62 lakh people,
In the announcement of the budget, it has been asked to increase the scope of 1 class, 1 TV channel, in which 12 to 200 TV channels of 1 class, 1 TV will be made available in all languages.
Indian Budget 2022
Other announcements have also been made in this budget, in which e-passports will be issued by the government in 2022-23.
The ECLGS Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme has been extended till March 2023, in which the guarantee cover has now been increased to 50 thousand crores and the total cover will now be up to 5 lakh crores.
According to the Finance Minister, new schemes like Vibrant Village Program and PM Development Initiative will be started by the government.
75 digital banks will be opened in 75 districts of the country. These banks will set up commercial banks, which will promote digital payments in India.
Now there will be only one portal for the registration of vehicles in the country.
Budget 2022 India
In this budget 2022, many announcements have been made for the future which will affect the lifestyle of everyone.
According to the announcement of Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, 5G mobile service will be started, this is good news related to online business, but it will increase the price of recharge and will cost the general public,
Being self-reliant in defense, 68 percent of the budget will be spent on Indian companies, due to which companies will get projects and employment will also increase,
The news that the government will make solar PV modules can increase the share of a company like tata power,
2022 national budget
Now let’s talk about the budget on such points which can affect the share of companies related to the stock market,
In her announcement, Nirmala Sitharaman has reduced the cooperative surcharge from 12 percent to 7 percent, which will affect the share of banks,
According to the new budget, the government will bring a battery swapping policy, in which e-vehicle battery swapping will happen, this announcement can boost the share of the company associated with battery manufacturing and the company making e-vehicle,
The government is planning to bring new tax reforms, which will benefit the public and the industry,
According to the Finance Minister, 1 percent TDS will also be levied on the transfer of virtual currency and the Government of India will start a digital currency of rupees, 30 percent tax has been increased on such digital currency,
Nirmala Sitharaman’s announcement has asked to reduce customs duty on gems and jewelry,
You can read the other announcement of government budget 2022 on google search online, but now it is very important to know how it will affect your investment,
Union Budget 2022 effect on share market in the future
As per government announcements, maximum investment indicates an increase in digital payments, such as registration of all vehicles at one place, e-passports, the introduction of 5G network, etc. will encourage online payments, which will benefit banks,
The Indian government is paying more attention to digital payments, the more the digital payments and the stronger the mobile network, the better the economic condition of India’s banks and the country,
Most of the people of India keep twice as much cash in the house which has a big impact on the economy of India.
According to experts, the government’s announcements, tax policy, schemes have a great impact on the stock market, in which sector the government will pay more attention, it will affect industries, banks, etc.
With this budget, the share value of all industrial classes related to banks, mobile networking companies, road, rail, electricity, health, education, and agriculture will increase further.
First see the target price of any stock, understand, analyze it and then invest, if you want to know about any share price target then visit the Stock of India page of our website,
Final word
This Budget 2022 effect on share market article is the analysis according to the latest budget of the government,
the share price in the stock market depends on many factors, among which we have told about the impact of the government’s plans on the stock market,
Before taking any stock, consult your financial advisor and invest after doing research, this website is not responsible for any of your financial risk, visit our website disclaimer,

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