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Best Intraday stocks Top 6 intraday Stocks

Here is the best intraday stocks list of 6 stocks in which investors can bet, it is based on the intraday stock analysis,

There is a lot of movement going on in the share market these days and at such times investors can earn good money by choosing the right intraday stock,

You should invest your money wisely in intraday trading, where you are profitable, and your money is safe, you should invest that.

Intraday trading tips

A stock market is a place where people invest in the stock market to earn more money and earn huge profits, for this it is important to know about the best intraday stocks,

You should check out the best 6 intraday trading stocks list given here, which can give you good returns in current times,

Invest wisely in the given stocks, the stocks given here were selected based on news, financial analysis, etc.

Our experts have selected these best day trading stocks after all kinds of analysis,

Intraday stocks list

This is the best day trading stocks from which you can make good profits in intraday trading,

Ashok Leyland stock

This stock can give you profit in intra day trading, Its revenue – Rs 8744 crore, an increase of 24.9%, EBITDA – Rs 775 cr, up 45.4% EBITDA% – 8.9%, and Profit – Rs 901 crore, up 3.7 times


Revenue – 6.8% growth, Rs 2915.8 crore, Its EBITDA – 12.6% decline, Rs 502.4 crore, Margin – 17.2%, Profit – 0.7% decline, Rs 363.2 crore,


Its revenue is Rs 97572.7 crore, an increase of 1%. EBITDA – up 12.2%, Rs 2098.6 crore, margin – 2.2%, profit – doubled to Rs 1795.3 crore, declared dividend of Rs 14 per share,


Its profit – Rs 256.9 crore, has increased 15.8 times, Revenue – Rs 2043 crores, showing a growth of 5.3%, EBITDA – Rs 412.8 crores, up 2.2 times and Margins – 9.7%,


It will consider issuing bonus shares with results around May 25.

FMCG Stocks in focus

Indonesia has lifted the ban on the export of palm oil, which will affect its shares. Ban on exports removed from Monday,

Final word

This best share for intraday article has been written keeping in mind the interests of investors, all stocks are based on analysis, you should invest according to your financial advisor,

Best intraday stocks article is for information, for more information read the website disclaimer,

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